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Lottery software

It depends on our agreements. We can take care of database management or it can be stored on your servers and managed by your company's specialists.

Lottery solution includes Braindepo platform, a list of operator-approved lottery games, server space, hosting, maintenance, software development services, payment methods, B2B support and third-party software integration.

Our turnkey lottery solution is a gaming platform with lottery games, B2B technical support and business account management. The operator must obtain a license and manage business development.

It depends on your requirements, design, expected workload, third-party solutions you want to integrate, and other factors. Please contact us for more detailed information.

It takes about 1-3 months to develop and launch a lottery solution. It depends on your technical requirements and the integrations you want to implement.

You may request any third-party software integration. It can include payment gateways, CRM, live chat, affiliate software and so on.

Our company can create a unique design for you. As an option, you can provide your design and we will implement it.

Just leave us a message and our managers will contact you shortly.


Assign personal account manager Project setup and maintenance Support in software updates and marketing Business development support Adding new games on request

Yes. The consultation is absolutely free. Please contact us and we will be glad to set up a partnership relation.

  • Free consultation.
  • Signing an NDA
  • Building project requirement and determination of deadlines and cost.
  • Signing a contract
  • Project development
  • Project launch
  • Technical support and maintenance

Our goal is a long-term partnership. You will have your personal account manager and full technical support. We can help you with business development as well.

Just contact us using our contact form. Our managers will contact you shortly.


There are 3 key features which determine the online business success: internet infrastructure, smartphones and electronic money. If your target market has no serious issues with all these items then the best option will be focused on online gambling, because it is the most scalable and cheapest way. Unfortunately, the developing countries have issues with all three things. That is why you should be creative in building your sales model. A land-based shop is always a good option. It can be equipped with rapid playing machines, vending lotto machines, interactive game machines or simple printer, scanner and cashiers.

You need to write a business plan. It should include your audience, sales model, competitors, funding, marketing, software, hardware, salaries, license fees, rent and utilities. Once the business plan has been determined, you need to obtain a license, choose software provider, hardware provider and payments provider.

Gambling business is one of the most profitable business areas. For example, the profitability of betting business is somewhere between 7% and 15%. An operator can achieve even greater profitability with the right approach and by adding side services and games such as lotteries or casinos.

There are several ways to attract and retain players. Bonuses, loyalty programs, affiliate marketing, cashback, new games and great customer service. All these methods are applicable not only for online but also for retail businesses.