Bingo business

The original bingo game is quite simple. Player marks off numbers on his/her cards which are provided by the bingo caller. The winner is the player with the matching pattern. There are many patterns that can be used: any vertical line, any horizontal line, any vertical and horizontal line, any diagonal, full card. The game can have multiple rounds. For example, the winner of the first round will be the player who fills any vertical line. The second round - any vertical and horizontal line. The third - full card. Bingo is popular among gamblers in Americas (North and South) and Europe. There are different amounts of balls which participate in a draw. British version uses 90 balls, an American version - 75 balls, but there are games where 120 or 80 balls are needed. Companies can operate land-based facilities to settle draws or can do it online using mobile apps. Operators use lotto machines or random numbers generator based on market features and jurisdiction requirements.
Business plan

Foremost, you have to think about distribution model you wish to use for your players. There are several ways to distribute bingo tickets. Classic online, classic offline and different combination of these 2 methods. For example, you can focus on cash as the only payment method but sell online, or you can sell printed tickets via vending machines with embedded POS terminals. It all depends on the market, infrastructure and businesses of your competitors. Based on the sales model you choose there will be different expenses on software/hardware, design, taxation, salary, rent and utilities.


Bingo is a type of lottery, so it is treated as a gambling in many countries. Be aware that licensing depends on place, prize amount and purpose. Charity, free gaming and social lottery should not be licensed. For online bingo business you need a license in most cases. Review the licensing requirements of the jurisdiction in which your company will operate.


The best option for a new bingo game company will be to find a software provider with a bingo platform. A platform should be customizable in order to fit your market needs. If you plan to open a land-based facility the software should provide an opportunity to print tickets and/or process players` club cards. Software should be flexible enough to use a lotto machine or provide a random number generator. The game should be available not only for pc but also on mobile devices (mobile app). There are issues with downloading gambling apps in App store and Google play market, so PWA may be the only way to solve these issues.


For land-based facilities and for online (in some cases) you need a lotto machine. There a lot of a ready-made machine, but you can order a customized version. You can have a machine operator (the bingo caller) for offline version, but for online you need a lotto machine with auto numbers push, so it will automatically push numbers into your platform. If you need a live stream then you have to buy a webcam and rent a studio as well.

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