Gambling business

Gambling can be defined as the wagering of something on an event with the attempt to win something else. There are 3 key elements of gambling: stake (something you are betting on), risk (chance) and a prize (something you want to get). The lower the stake and the higher the prize, the more thrilling the game is for the player. However, the risk also depends on the difference between these indicators. The larger the prize compared to the bet, the higher the risk. This is a universal rule. Low risk reduces operator profits, but high risk reduces player engagement. The challenge is to find a balance between profit and engagement it is possible to build different strategies and approaches to run a gambling business.
Gambling business types
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There are 3 main types: betting (the most popular is a sport betting), lotteries (Keno, Lucky 5 and other) and casino (poker, roulette, dice games and others). It is really hard to split gambling into particular categories because there are games which can be related to both categories. For example, pool betting is a type of sport betting, but technically it is a lottery game. The roulette can use a lotto machine to generate random number, so it can be categorized as a lottery.

Online and offline
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There are 3 key features which determine the online business success: internet infrastructure, smartphones and electronic money. If your target market has no serious issues with all these items then the best option will be focused on online gambling, because it is the most scalable and cheapest way. Unfortunately, the developing countries have issues with all three things. That is why you should be creative in building your sales model. A land-based shop is always a good option. It can be equipped with rapid playing machines, vending lotto machines, interactive game machines or simple printer, scanner and cashiers. You can work with credit cards and POS terminals, use qr-codes to accept payments from e-wallet, mobile airtime or use cash only. Your business can successfully use USSD to provide access to feature phones players. As you can see, there are many options that allow you to combine offline and online methods.

Software and hardware
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The fastest way to start your gambling business is to find a reliable software provider who become your business partner. The software should cover not only game logic it should also include users management, risk management, payments, players verification and so on. You can use different providers in each area or a single provider. Our company provides a great variety of software which can cover your need. The next step is to adapt software to your company's business processes and your market needs. These changes can include design changes, specific payment gateway integration, new game development and so on. You should try to build a unique solution what makes you different from your competitors.

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Based on your sales model you should provide the most convenient payment methods for your players. There are hundreds of online payment methods, so you should use those which are most popular among your audience. You can build your system based on club card which are linked to players and can be cashed in or cashed out via betting/lottery shop network. If players have access to cell phones but no access to electronic money, you could use airtime as a payment method. Be flexible and creative.


Gambling is regulated by governments around the world, and most require operators to have licenses. Some operators from developing countries make their first steps without license, but the best idea will be to obtain a local license first. It will help you to sustain a growth of your company and think big. Review the licensing requirements of the jurisdiction in which your company will operate.

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