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Betting software development

As professional betting software providers we offer top quality soft for different types of businesses. Whether you are a start-up, betting shop, bookmaker's office or an online gaming platform we could develop the best ready-made solution for your business management. Our company is focused on using modern technologies and high quality services for our products in order to make them correspond to client’s needs and expectations. You will gain multifunctional and fully customized product with all necessary features demanded for target market in order to build the competitive gambling business that will ensure profit growth.

If you are looking for solutions to expand your igaming business, integrate IT products into your services, and in search for reliable soft development providers, our professional developers will help you to realize your plans and enlarge your market presence. Our team studies thoroughly all the client’s requirements and create customized professional product. We are providing solutions for sports betting as one of the most popular gambling type in the world, as well as any other types of betting. We are extremely flexible and per client’s requests we could implement into the product wide variety of features far beyond typical role managing system, bet types rules and events combination. The developed soft could be a part of BrainLottery platform, goes as a standalone solution or be integrated with client’s online platform. It is also the matter of discussion for developing such complex solution as fully customized platform that is integrated with required by customer services.

Games could be available for players via SMS, USSD, mobile app or web. The software could cover all types of players providing not only web soft, but mobile and desktop gaming apps for all operating systems. All game products are properly tested to guarantee you get the best betting software for your business.

Our Games
Some of our game products
Bingo 75
In progress
Bingo 75 is also known as pattern bingo, as the variety of winning patterns is endless. The first player to complete a predetermined pattern on their closed number card wins.
Bingo 5/90
In progress
Bingo 5/90 is referred to classic type of bingo. Players chose 5 numbers from 90 online, then decide on an amount of money and bet type to place a stake. Some games may offer jackpots.
In progress
Game starts every 5 min. Players select 1-8 numbers within 1-80 range manually or using quick-pick option (random). The more picked numbers match win numbers (20), the more you win.
Our advantages
What makes our team to stand out
Flexible and scalable product

We develop a unique product that meets your requirements. Each of our developments is an effective business solution that allows you to stand out from competitors.

Game high-quality implementation

We understand how to increase the game player involvement and the project profitability. We provide product with stable operation and higher investment return rate – on 10% faster than your expectations

Cost and time-efficient solution

We are deeply immersed in the expertise that allows Us to prevent any nuances that You may encounter after receiving the product. Saving you time and efforts, we know how to go the way faster.

Support at any stage of development

We take care of all the work so you can focus on your business development.

Honest development cost

We provide the result without overpayments and guarantee transparent progress reports.

Implementation of various scale projects

We find solutions for businesses of any size. We work with both small and large projects, adapting even to small budgets.

How we work
How we create magic

The life of a project always begins with the collection and analysis of customer requirements, which are further formed into a technical task. If the client has a ready-made technical task, our specialists examine it. The timing of this stage, as well as all subsequent ones, depends on the project complexity and scalability, as well as on the availability of clear requirements for the product to be developed.

Step 1
We will pick up a stack of technologies, specialists and create a project development strategy including clear work plan with its sprints division.
Step 2
Within development of UX/UI design we create a database structure and product business logic analyzing the most effective users flow practices and offering the best option.
Code engineering and QA
Step 3
After design approval we create and test the application. We deliver high-quality and sustainable software solutions and develop web applications of any complexity.
Step 4
As the application is created we prepare it for the integration to required platform or another client’s resource, as well as deploy thee software on the corresponding server.
Technical support
Step 5
We offer maintenance and technical support, including on an ongoing basis per request (backups, fixing errors, updating versions) through a processing error messages ticket system.
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Claiming as one of the highly-qualified online gambling software companies We help clients to reach their business goals by turning their needs into finished customized software products. Our experienced team of developers, designers, and product specialists will assure you get high quality and personalized online software.

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