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Pool betting is online game where player makes a bet on the outcome or exact score in a certain number of matches (events) specified in the draw. The draws are sorted by the sport games type and bet types. The winnings do not depend on the coefficient, but on the number of predicted events, the quantity of people who won the draw and the total amount of their bets. Participants' stakes form the gaming fund (prize fund and organizer’s fee). The more matches (events) the participant has predicted the larger share of the prize fund he gets. For example, 8 of 10 matches – 40% of prize fund, etc. The ones predicted all draw’s matches can play jackpot, if it is provided by organizer.

Bets on the outcome - 1X2 bets involve choosing one of 3 options for the outcome of the match: 1 - Home win, 2 - Draw, 3 – Visitor win. Correct Score: For correct score bets, you have to predict the matches final score. Usually, fewer events are offered to predict than in 1X2 and the win bar is lower.

Betting on the sport events’ outcome is the most common form of lottery betting.

Regions of interest in Africa:

Due to high interest for sport in Africa the betting is popular all along the continent. This or another type of betting is mostly presented in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Each country has its own regulations for the betting sphere, especially for significantly growing sector of online betting. The potential of the region is very high, and it is expected that the lottery industry will be growing rapidly.

Spreading the online gaming platforms potential allows to increase the quantity of markets interested in this type of igaming product.

Our Features
Some of the Best Features

Here are the most popular features of pool betting game engine

Player comfort
Simple and user-friendly interface with 2 steps selection to place a bet and 1 window functionality for desktop. Dynamic cart that remember the player’s selection nevertheless the player navigation flow and available from every game page.
Full admin control
The admin panel is a simple and clear step-by-step interface. Admin functionality within game system is to create draws and determine their terms for players, settle, modify and cancel draws, as well as analyze and plan work based on available game statistics.
Clear data reports
For Player: Bets are sorted by main categories with convenient filtration system. Each bet has its full detailing which could be seen in 1 click. For Admin: Each draw has full statistic on the users’ activity and money distribution.
Player pays for line
Quantity of lines is formed depending on the number of result selections the player does within each match (single, double chance or full line (for 1x2 only)). 1 line is formed from the sum of one result for each match of the entire draw. The more results the player marks inside the matches, the more lines are formed in the Draw.
1x2 and exact score
2 options of bet type are available for players in the system: classic 1х2 and draws for matches with exact score prediction.
Additional gaming features
The admin system allows to create any number of matches (events) within one draw. There is Jackpot functionality: Jackpots are created by admin as consolidation account for the amount that was not won by the players for previous draws and could be connected to any Draw in the system if required. For matches with 1x2 bets, the option to set odds is available.
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What makes our team to stand out
Unique, flexible and scalable product

We create a unique product that allows you to stand out from competitors. Our task is to offer an effective and scalable solution for your business growth.

Game high-quality implementation

We provide a reliable, convenient and easy-to-use product. Our experience and understanding of your business allows you to increase the players’ involvement and return your investments faster.

Cross-platform gaming product

We offer a web application that adapts to all operating systems and works on desktop and mobile devices.

Availability of customization

We accept your requirements for making changes to the product and its customization. We adapt it to the needs of your business and the changing conditions of the competitive environment.

Fast integration with web resources

We make our own products and are deeply immersed in expertise. We understand and prevent any nuances that you may encounter after receiving the product.

Support on technical issues

We guarantee the full cycle of work - from the moment of ordering to the implementation of the developments. We provide product technical support and support on all issues.

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