Prototyping and MVP creation
We help both startups and established companies to implement their new ideas. Our developers will realise the web application prototype with the minimum expenses for you and in the shortest time possible. It will allow you to check quickly your business ideas.
Fast web application prototyping
Checking a business idea should be done as cheaply and quickly as possible. Today's markets are extremely dynamic that's why is important not to lose this opportunity. We work with both startups and established companies. If you have a new business idea that you want to realize, our developers can do it with the minimum expenses for you and in the shortest time possible.
Technical expertise

Clients often do not see the whole picture due to certain circumstances. Our analysts will be able to help turn the general wishes of the client into final requirements, and technical specialists will give recommendations on technologies.


BrainDepo develops unique and user-friendly sites. We help to create websites that solve our clients' business needs.


In order not to loose business opportunities, you need to test your business hypotheses quickly and with minimal financial risks. Our team will give you this opportunity.


Today's markets are very volatile, this is why they challenge your business every day. Using modern Agile methodology, our team will allow you to deal with the new market demands. Changing, adapting and building a team to suit your needs, starting from MVP ending with the support of large applications.

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